Need a website? We can help! Whether you need your very first website or you have one and just need a refreshed look and feel, we'll help you provide a professional presence online. Need to set up an e-commerce shop? No problem, we do that too!

Before beginning any project, we learn about your company to make sure we understand your vision and target audience. Then we gather any important information you want to be incorporated into your new website. Not sure where to start? No problem! We'll take the information you provide about your company and vision and will work hard to create a website that showcases your business. 

Once we understand your company and your vision, we roll up our sleeves and get to work! Throughout the design process, we will provide updates and may ask additional questions about certain pieces of your website. Once we have tested features and make sure everything is operational, we'll present you with the first version. This is where you can provide additional ideas and thoughts after seeing what we've designed so far. PS: if you think of something you want to be added or removed, you can simply let us know at any time throughout the design process and we'll be more than happy to adjust!


After all revisions are complete and you are completely satisfied with your new website, it is ready to go live! If the live date was not provided at an earlier time, this is when you must determine when you want to go live. Before the live date, we will again go back through the entire website and make sure everything is functioning as it should. We just always like to double-check!


We believe in complete transparency and being upfront with our pricing. We hate surprises and we're just guessing that you do too! With that said, here is a simple breakdown of our pricing for website design. Please note that these prices present the normal/common price for each product. A free quote will provide the most accurate pricing.

  • $50.00 - Down payment at the start of the project. This will be put towards the final cost of the website when it goes live.

    • This is non-refundable if the project is already started ​and 24 hours have passed.

  • $99.00 - Cost of the website creation due at the time the website goes live.

    • The $50.00 down payment will be applied so the total due is just $49.00​

  • $75.00 - Monthly hosting, monitoring, and back-end maintenance.

    • This allows us to host your website and monitor it to make sure it's running smoothly.

  • (OPTIONAL) $15.00 - Original purchase and annual renewal of your domain name ( 

  • (AS NEEDED) $25.00 - Hourly rate to make requested updates to your website.

    • This is not applied ​for the first 30 days after your website goes live.

Again, these are the standard prices for each product and the price may fluctuate slightly based on your needs. To get the most accurate pricing for your specific project, please CONTACT US and we'll provide a free, no-hassle quote. Don't worry, we won't keep bugging you if we don't hear back. We hate that too! 

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