Opinions are important and surveys are arguably the best tool available to businesses. The results from surveys provide an invaluable amount of knowledge into a company's past, present, and future. 

We offer many types of surveys, but the most common are designed for customers and employees:

  • Customer surveys are typically presented after a customer completes a purchase. These surveys provide insight into how the customer thought the process was and their overall satisfaction with your product and/or service.

  • Employee surveys are excellent for companies that have many employees or if there is known strife in the workplace. These surveys allow employees to offer candid responses under the complete anonymity our system provides. 

Not sure what questions to ask? No worries! We will build the perfect survey based on your target audience and what information you are trying to obtain. After the survey has completed, we will provide the results and a report of the responses received. 


Our prices for our surveys are extremely easy to understand and very straight forward.

  • $0.50 per completed response

  • No minimum responses needed

  • No Setup fee

  • No upfront fee

  • No fee for reports

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