Let's face it, buying stuff for your company can be daunting at times. Yes, it can be rewarding but how much time and effort can you afford to put into it when you have so many more important tasks you need to accomplish? Whether you hate shopping, don't have time to compare prices, or both, we're here to help! Simply let us know what you're looking for and we'll do all of the comparison shopping for you. 

Need typical office supplies? How about a new computer monitor? Maybe first aid supplies? We got you covered! Not only do we complete your orders, we always keep a record of purchases so you always know what was ordered and when. 

Here's what you get with our Purchasing service:

  • Easy ordering - Either send us an email or use our Contact Us page and just let us know what you're looking for. 

  • Purchase records - We keep track of all purchases so you always know what was bought, when, and where.

  • Easy payments - We make all purchases on our own dedicated accounts. We then simply invoice you for the amount. We do have certain limits on order dollar amounts.

    • $100 order limit for the first order.

    • $250 order limit for the second order.

    • $500 order limit for the third order.

    • $1,000 order limit for the fourth and future orders.


Our pricing structure for our Purchasing service is designed to be simple and easy to understand so there are no surprises.

  • $20.00/hour - Each order is prorated to the next 15 minutes.

    • If it only takes 14 minutes to complete your order, your cost is only $5.00​.

  • An invoice will be sent immediately after the completion of a purchase and will be due within 30 days.

    • A late fee of 5% will be assessed for any invoice not paid before the due date​.